Take pride in endurance title

Reader Input
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I have been following the commentary as regards to the issue of naming Central Square the “Endurance Plaza.” If you were a visitor to our city, what would distinguish it from Placerville, Nevada City, Grass Valley, Sutter Creek, etc? We are another city, in a long list of cities, that was founded based on the discovery of gold. You can see similar antiques, museums and artifacts in all of these places. Our particular history is probably similar to the other mother lode cities in the foothills. What distinguishes us from these other towns is our recent history, which is world-renowned. I don’t know how much money is brought into the city because of the Tevis Cup, the Western States Endurance Run, the World’s Toughest Triathalon and the Auburn Century Bike Ride, but I would wager it is substantial and is something no other city in America can boast. It seems to me that the Streetscape project gives ample tribute to our history with its two- mile history walk. I do not see a problem here! Ted Moore, Auburn