Take a step back in time at Bruins’ Ramsey stadium

By: David Krizman Journal Sports Columnist
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Editor’s note: This is the last in a series of profiles on the football stadiums at Placer, Del Oro, Colfax and Bear River. For the previous articles, visit Of the four schools and the four stadiums profiled, Bear River is the newest. First opened in 1986, the Bear River campus is gorgeous. The brick and wood look of the campus is as attractive today as it was the day the school opened. J David Ramsey Stadium is the fourth and final profile of the foothill area schools. Parking: There is plenty of parking at Bear River. Two large parking lots at the front of the campus can accommodate many fans. However, like most high schools, Bear River has a difficult time meeting parking requirements if it is a well-attended and important game, which is often the case for the highly successful football program. Those late to the game park on Combie Road and make the walk to the stadium. Still, of the four stadiums in the area, Ramsey has the best parking. Seating: Last spring, Bear River added two 750-seat bleacher sections, one on each side. With these additions, the stadium can hold approximately 3500 fans. The welcomed addition on the visitor’s side easily makes Ramsey Stadium the best seating and viewing for visitors of any stadium in the area. Prior to the addition, it was difficult to see the game if you sat on the visitor side. Now, the site lines are excellent. The home stands are also excellent. Concessions: Bear River had the foresight to put in two concession stands, one on each side of the stadium. As a result, there is little if any waiting for food. Both concession stands sell excellent tri-tip sandwiches and grilled hamburgers and hotdogs. The prices are more than reasonable, making it inexpensive enough to feed a family at the game. Restrooms: There is one large restroom located on the home side of the stadium. It is large enough to meet the demands of any size crowd. Waiting until halftime is not advised, for there is not a facility, high school, college, or pro, designed to meet such a demand. Stadium Lighting: Excellent Uniqueness: Everything about JD Ramsey Stadium is nice. Beginning with the drive up Highway 49, one leaves any semblance of city behind. With each passing mile, one sees horse ranches and vast open stretches of pastoral landscapes. The stadium setting could best be described as bucolic. Set in a large, open area, there are few homes to be seen, so the ambient lighting is minimal. One can look up and see the sky filled with stars. One almost expects to see Ozzie and Harriet Nelson from the TV show of the 1960s taking tickets while Dave and Ricky, their two sons, sell programs. Donna Reed, another hit show of the 60s, should be selling sodas at the concession stand. The school, the setting, and the stadium are throwbacks to a simpler and more innocent time. Bear River should be congratulated for offering a wonderful setting for a high school football game.