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Take steps to conserve resources and save money

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With the present economic havoc in our communities, how can we save money? At the same time, how can we enrich our well-being? What can we do to help our country and ourselves concurrently? First, we must conserve our natural resources. This means turning off the lights when you leave an unoccupied room. It also means taking a navy shower (wet, turning water off, scrubbing, and then rinsing). Bricks can be placed in the toilet tank to lessen the amount of water used. Bundling up with the thermostat turned lower will save gas and therefore lower your energy bill. Growing a garden in the back yard will lower food costs and provide fresher, healthier food. Operating cars are expensive. The use of public transportation is advisable in a lot of cases. Finding employment on the bus route is advisable for many. Otherwise a high mileage car pool to work is the best. Shop around for bargains verses service in regard to car insurance. If you are poor, get poor man’s coverage (liability only). Buy produce, fruit, and freshly slaughtered meat directly from the country growers. This will eliminate a middle man, and as a result lower your food bill. When shopping at the grocery stores, hunt for bargains and shop from a list. When shopping at retail stores, remember the only way to save 100 percent on merchandise is to not buy that item. These stratagems were handed down to me by persons who lived through the “Great Depression.” It is even advisable now, as we enter this period of economic distress.