Take violent threats seriously

Reader Input
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Response to the Arizona shooting has once again shown the true beliefs of some of our citizens. Without any facts at all the blame game started. Let’s look at the facts as we know them. Mr. (Jared Lee) Loughner was described by everyone who knew him as unstable starting in the last year or two. Teachers and students had voiced their concern about their safety when he was in class. Mr. Loughner had made a statement about wanting to kill babies in one class that was reported to the college police force who did nothing. Arizona is one of two states that has a law on the books that the school and/or law enforcement can request the state to have Mr. Loughner examined to determine if he is mentally ill. But instead they just expelled him and did nothing. I believe that if Mr. Loughner had been reported and examined, the shooting would not have occurred. The one common factor in almost all of the recent shootings after the crime has occurred is that the party who committed the shooting had been reported as being unstable prior to the shooting. So I would like to recommend that we stop all the blame games, demanding more gun control laws and demand that our representatives focus on the main cause of the shootings, mental illness. If our representatives pass legislation requiring that any person making statements about wanting to kill someone must be examined to determine their mental health, and if there is reason to believe that party would carry out that threat, it would go a long way in stopping these senseless acts. Ted Smith, Rocklin