A tale of loyal Staffordshires

Reader Input
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I am writing in regards to Councilman Kevin Hanley’s obvious uneducated attack on the American Staffordshire terrier dog breed. Don’t you find it funny that what the media portrays to the public, is what it wants them to hear, or what it wants the public to “absorb,” and then someone like Hanley, who obviously is just backing the media’s negative portrayal on something, does not help the truth? You hardly, if never, hear of this breed’s loyalty to its human owners/breeders/trainers, or how this breed is often used to visit hospitals, old folks’ homes as a “rehab dog,” never does the media portray the great deeds that the American Staffordshire terrier does. Please familiarize yourself with what’s called “pack mentality.” This happens with any breed of dog. Had it been a pack of Rottweilers, or Australian shepherds that day in your local Auburn parking lot, the same result would have happened when provoked. Dogs think differently when in this state of mind, or state of the pack. Had it been a single dog provoked most likely, 95 percent, it would not have happened. Joe Hernandez, Roseville