Taller railing won?t have much impact

Reader Input
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When reading the Auburn Journal on July 8, I was interested to know that they were replacing the old four- and one-half-foot railing lining the edge of the Foresthill Bridge, for a new, taller, six- and one-half-foot railing meant to discourage jumpers.
Though extra safety precautions are always nice, I doubt the taller railing would actually deter individuals with suicidal thoughts from jumping off. In my opinion, if a person has already made the leap to thinking suicide is a good idea, no six- and a-half-foot railing is going to stop anyone. With their state of mind as it is, a person can easily justify what they are doing is right, and jump off without a second thought.
In today’s society, with fast vehicles zooming in every direction, the Foresthill Bridge is not the only way people can kill themselves.
Even if they do decide the bridge is too difficult, the possibilities are endless on ways they can kill themselves. Yes, we all want death tolls to go down, especially in such a gruesome way, but in reality, if you want to stop them the only way is to convince them otherwise.
Seth Lawrence, Colfax