Tankers don’t put out fires

Reader Inputg
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After 42 years in wildland firefighting and 30 years managing them, I can tell you there has never been an air tanker nor will there ever be one regardless of size that can put out a wildfire (“Air supertankers save lives, money,”?Reader Input, June 6). Air tankers are a great tool in cooling the fires so the ground forces can get in and control them. I don’t know who this fire industrial complex is. But I do know any fire manager worth his salt wants the fire out as fast as humanly possible. To even think there is an element in wildland firefighting agencies that will prolong a fire for monetary gains is ludicrous and does disservice to all the men and women who have lost their lives trying to protect life and property throughout our great country. By the way, Super Air tankers cost about $80,000 an hour to operate, and they are used judiciously and with careful consideration. (The letter) shows the kind of misguided thinking that really wastes the taxpayer dollar and puts everyone in jeopardy. There is no magic solution for wildland fires, just a lot of hard work from highly trained dedicated men and women who put it all on the line every day. Air tankers are just another tool! Chuk Lawshe, Pilot Hill