Tanner woefully inexperienced

Reader Input
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Regarding the mailer by Casey Tanner for the position of Placer County Auditor-Controller. Mr. Tanner’s statements are not only inaccurate but highly unethical. Did he not bother to do his research before choosing to write such blatant falsehoods in his attempt to try and get elected? The logical conclusion is to either question his honesty or doubt his ability for clear judgment, neither of which would move me to vote for him. Other than having worked a few years for an accounting firm and having a limited CPA for less than a year, what qualifications does (he) have? In his few short years of work experience has he accumulated any executive leadership experience, experience with local governmental accounting or auditing, payroll, grants, or property taxes? All are items found within the scope of a county auditor’s office. Mr. Tanner, you can only stretch your very limited resumé so far. If Mr. Tanner is truly concerned with the public good, perhaps he could start by actually working in a county government agency to learn what the position of a county auditor-controller truly is. Even with his minimal qualifications he would be able to apply for an entry-level position within an auditor’s office. My vote will definitely be for the current auditor, Katherine Martinis. Kellie Moyer, Lincoln