Targeted teacher amazes

Reader Input
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Re: Scott Juceam’s claim against Placer County Office of Education that his son was shaken by a teacher (Journal, Sept. 25). I work for PCOE and had the pleasure of working under the direction of teacher Barbara Montaque whose class Ben was in. Barbara is a very caring, professional teacher whose primary concern is the children in her class. She always amazed me because she could anticipate what a child wanted. In fact, I happily refer to Barbara as “the kid whisperer.” These allegations against her are simply not true. While I, too, empathize with the Juceams for the loss of their daughter, I question their motives for a suit against PCOE. Why didn’t the Juceams file an action in May, when the alleged incidents took place, or even at the conclusion of the two-month investigation? Diana L. Valencia, Auburn