Tax boost will diminish deficit

Reader Input
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Our country’s budget deficit comes as no surprise. We continue to fund two wars and are still saddled with $1 trillion in tax cuts from the previous administration. Income taxes are at their lowest since 1950(!), while GE, Exxon and others pay no taxes. The factors causing our deficit are clear, but these are the same conditions that added large deficits during the Bush administration. It should not be a partisan issue; neither Bush’s deficits nor Obama’s are acceptable. Spending cuts are a sensible part of a solution, and there appears to be nominal agreement by both GOP and Democrats. A return to the higher tax revenue of the early Bush era should be done as well; we were solvent then. Aggregate taxes in the United States are now lower than most of the largest economies in the world, but we have a higher burden of expense in military and medical. GOP legislators rigorously oppose any tax increase, but reduced taxes contributed to the deficit, so it’s nonsense to expect the deficit to be eliminated by spending cuts alone. Multiple surveys in show that 65 percent of those polled support a tax increase as part of the solution. The GOP congress appears willing to sacrifice our country’s financial health for their political ideology. They may find they’ll pay for this stand in 2012. Ron PAITICH, Auburn