Taxes pay for full-time light

Reader Input
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On Saturday, July 17, I went to In-N-Out, and did what any normal Auburnite would — I ate my food above In-N-Out in the parking lot of the hotel. When I was sitting there, I noticed a spotlight on the courthouse turn off. I didn’t find this out of character at 11:30 at night, until four minutes later, when the light came back on. I was astounded to find out that, 30 seconds later, it turned off again. Fascinated, I sat in my car and watched to see if it would happen again. Then, four minutes later it came back on and, true to form, 30 seconds later, it went back off. Intrigued further, I drove over to the courthouse and found out not only did one side do this, but the opposite side did, as well. I cannot fathom who has the audacity to let this continue and why? If the taxpayers pay for the light, it should stay on. There is no reason for the light to only be on for 30 seconds every four minutes. The logic is completely asinine, and should be corrected. Ala Navratil, Auburn