Taxpayers stuck with the bill

Reader Input
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According to the recent Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission report, there was a lot more government involvement in the causes of our current financial crisis than the politicians have wanted to admit. Through the government’s actions, or inactions, the crisis developed and exploded while much of the government was looking the other way. Members of both parties were involved. One of the numbers the commission put out was the amount of lobbying money the financial sector spent between 1999, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial Services Modernization Act, and 2008, when stuff started to hit the fan at $2.8 billion along with another $1 billion in campaign contributions. It shouldn’t amaze anyone how much influence this kind of money bought. The bankers got their money’s worth. The politicians got re-elected. Unfortunately, the only thing the taxpayers got was a bill for trillions of dollars which generations of taxpayers will be stuck with. Thank you, Washington! Don Perera, Rocklin