Tdap documents all in, district says

By: Bridget Jones, Journal Staff Writer
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With the threat of middle and high school students being sent home from school without a specific vaccination, local officials say they are not having problems with their students. Placer High Principal Peter Efstathiu said out of his 1,354 students, only a few were approaching the deadline for the Tdap booster shot without having their documents turned in. “I would say there were less than five where getting near the date we had to do phone call follow-ups personally with parents to verify they were getting it done,” Efstathiu said. Efstathiu said when the deadline hit, only two students had not turned in the documentation and had to stay home from school on a Monday. He said by Tuesday they had their paperwork turned in. Efstathiu said school staff spent a lot of time making sure the records all came in, but he thought everyone did a great job. The clinics the district held on school campuses, offering students another shot at getting the vaccine, Efstathiu added. Doug Marquand, assistant superintendent for administrative services at Placer Union High School District, said all students in the district have fulfilled the Tdap requirement. “The sites have notified our district nurse that all Tdaps have been completed or they have waivers,” Marquand said. Marquand said the district nurse reported 10 or 11 personal belief exemptions in the district. Marquand said he didn’t have the numbers of how many shot records were turned in past the deadline. Marquand said he thought everyone involved, including staff, administration and parents did a great job in getting the documents turned in. Reach Bridget Jones at ------------------------------------------------------ Tdap results in Placer Union High School District • Five out of 1,354 students at Placer High were approaching the Tdap deadline without having their documentation turned in. • 2 students at Placer High had to stay home for one day because they did not have their shot record turned in at deadline. • 10 or 11 personal belief waivers for the shot were issued in the district.