Tea parties as much about frustration as tax

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Donna Bell, thanks for getting up and getting out by attending the Auburn area tea party in Sacramento (Journal, April 16). From what I can tell, some 250,000 people around the U.S.A. went out to express their anger at the amount of taxation U.S. citizens are faced with. The tea party idea, whether grassroots based or a product of the right-wing, motivated folks! But, the protesters should remember that the Boston tea party wasn’t so much about taxes, but more about the British using the colonies as a dumping ground for their dealings with the East India Trading Company. The colonies were already developing their own crops, and the British were impeding local commerce. The protesters might be advised to research Shay’s rebellion. Not only did this event of patriotism set the grounds for our Constitution, it might more accurately portray the citizens’ frustration with excessive taxation. Peter van Beckum Auburn