Tea party members strive for unity

Reader Input
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On Sunday, Sept. 12, a tea party event was held in Sacramento (Journal, Friday, Sept. 10), and the question has been posed, “What is the tea party?” Perhaps the question should be, “Who is the tea party?” They are electricians and butchers, doctors and bikers. They are store clerks and landscapers. They are us. They are Americans. The rally with its sound equipment, tents, stage, security, and so on was hugely expensive. To finance this event some of these Americans sold personal property. Some used their credit cards. Those who could do neither donated hundreds of hours of labor. All was assembled with shared tools by a few who knew what they were doing, and many who did not. What they lacked in expertise and equipment they made up for in enthusiasm and determination. Like our founders, they are common people who love their country. They are tired of the political elite squandering our money as if it was theirs. They want the Constitution honored and adhered to as it should be. The checks and balances set forth by the Constitution have virtually disappeared. They want us to unite as a national family. We are told that diversity made this country great. What about unity? Diversity without unity is chaos. Their aim is to put enough light on Washington to give the big spenders no place to scuttle off and hide. The tea party is not a what or an it, it is a who. JOHN DOWNS, Newcastle