Tea Party needs to clarify goals

Reader Input
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To the Tea Party Patriots of Auburn: Have you thought through your goals or are you unduly influenced by Fox News propagandists? No one can argue with your first goal: to hold our lawmakers to fiscal responsibility, but as for fighting for limited government that adheres to compliance to the Constitution, I’m not sure what that means. It seems that we are a pretty free people. Are you sure that you want a free market system? To me that sounds like free rein for the big corporations who already have taken most of our manufacturing jobs overseas where they can take advantage of their workers to make their highest profit possible – workers’ rights and welfare be darned. Also, many large corporations pay little or no taxes, compared to the average man. I could understand the Tea Party going after politicians in the pockets of corporations but not to say that is all of government. I trust government to have my best interest in mind. I think that corporations only want my money and care little that they take jobs from Americans. As for the Obama administration raising your taxes, the average person has seen their income taxes go down, and the deficit you attribute to the present administration was well on its way under Bush. Much of Obama’s deficit is from the effort to rescue the nation from a financial crisis that Bush did not protect us from. Paulette Walter, Colfax