Teach children to get around

Reader Input
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My, my, how times have changed — as reflected by the recent article about the Auburn school bus that drops kids off at the entrance to the affluent Vintage Oaks development in South Auburn (Journal, Aug. 27). “Being dropped off at that corner is kind of a scary thing”, says the parent concerned enough to complain to the district. Vintage Oaks is a quiet, tree-lined, fully-sidewalked community with a tranquil speed limit, no through traffic, no signal lights, blind corners or other perilous elements for children who might actually use pedestrian locomotion to transport themselves from point A to point B. Why, in my day, we walked a mile each way to school (starting age 7), rode our bicycles as far as 16 miles round-trip on urban streets (age 11) for recreation destinations and were out playing until dinner time. We accomplished these activities quite safely, largely because we were bestowed with this great responsibility at an early age, instead of sheltered from anything and everything by ceaseless motorized chauffeuring. Parents alert: teach your kid to be safe and responsible on public roads. With a reasonable approach, maybe we’ll see more kids actually outside moving around, which would make it collectively safer for everyone. Daniel Von Spanielle, Newcastle