Teacher salary cuts too high

Reader Input
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How does Loomis compare to Ithaca, Mich., a small town 30 minutes north of the state capital (near my hometown), with similar demographics and population? • Ithaca’s population of 3,017; Loomis: 6,260 • Ithaca’s unemployment is 13.8 percent: Loomis: 10.3 percent • Ithaca’s per/pupil school spending is $5,643/student; Loomis: $4,752/student • Ithaca’s average teacher salary is $56,973; Loomis: $58,927 • Ithaca’s city manager salary is $46,579; Loomis: $116,875 • Ithaca’s median home price is $83,390; Loomis: $439,800. I include the city manager salaries not to complain about its relative high pay in Loomis. It points out how remarkably low our city manager and Loomis teachers are paid given the cost of living in California. With Loomis’ median home prices five times those in Ithaca, one could argue the merits of proportional pay for all Loomis employees. Teachers, however, do not demand pay increases. All we are asking is that the Loomis Union School District not force us to take 11 percent cuts to our salaries when they have millions of dollars sitting in reserves.  Tim Ahrens, H. Clarke Powers Elementary School teacher