Teachers suffering in faltering economy

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Our economy is in a recession and the most important people are paying for it. Our teachers that make children’s futures are not getting paid the amount that they deserve. Without teachers, children that are going to take care of the next generation will not have a proper education. We need to face the fact that teachers are the most important people in the world today. A lot of kids tell people that they hate teachers. These kids need to realize how hard their job can be sometimes. They have to deal with kids that don’t want to learn all day, and then go home with a very small paycheck. For example: Why do our presidents get to become presidents? They obtained a good education. How do the best CEOs in the world become so good at their job? They got a good education. How do children get to go to a good college? They got a good education from teachers. So the next time you see a teacher, don’t think of him or her as someone that just teaches. Think of that teacher as someone who makes the future possible. Olivia Morgan Auburn