Technology stifles student creativity

Reader Input
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Schools need to limit the use of computers. These distractions are stifling student creativity. They need to write and read books, not engage in artificial learning. Teachers need to verbally engage with them, not watch them at a keyboard. Students need to engage with teachers, exchanging information between each other. Socialization and communication are important for creative development. Students need to think for themselves, not be overwhelmed by technology. They need to be free to contemplate and express for themselves their own ideas; to meditate on these things without artificial interference. Simplicity is the key to genius which needs to be exhibited by the individual from within. So save the computers for a rainy day when there’s noting else to do. Treat them as a secondary curiosity, not a standard for learning. Let students explore knowledge on their own without additional stress. Let them read poetry from books and paint and create. Let them have more freedom to choose what they do in the classroom. We need to get back to the basics and allow teachers and pupils to decide what they decide to do for themselves. ALLEN CASSIDY, Auburn