Technovore savvy, handy

Reader Input
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I just read (Andrew DiLuccia/The Technovore’s) article in Sunday’s paper and wanted to thank him for the info, especially the ESPN Score Center. I was always all over the map looking for updated sports scores (Giants) and now Raiders and 49ers, and soon our Kings. I downloaded this app (free like you said) and got my teams in and wow, now I have it up-to-the-minute. I never would have known about this if you hadn’t told us about it. I am not smart phone savvy but your short explanation helped walk me through it. Your entire article was user friendly and easy to read. Not techno talk where the reader couldn’t understand. Appreciated keeping it plain and simple and informative. Thanks again and look forward to more good reading. Patti Lawrence, Cool Editor’s Note: The Technovore appears in the Journal the second Sunday of the month.