Ted and Beth: Thanks for nothing, again

Reader Input
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I take great exception to the bragging done by Republican politicians in our state about their no-compromise-under-any-circumstance stand on the state budget and taxes. Not only did they refuse to let the temporary tax increase be extended, but they refused to let the people of our state even vote on the issue. They also missed a great opportunity to have reform laws put in place regarding pensions and business regulations. So starting last week we all get to enjoy the small decrease in sales taxes, estimated to be $288 per household. But for those of us who have kids in a California college, that savings disappears, and then some. Both the CSU and UC college system just passed another fee increase this week. When my daughter graduated from Placer High in 2008 she was admitted into a University of California campus and paid fees totaling $8,199 (not including housing or book costs). In 2011, her senior year, we will pay fees totaling $13,192. That is an annual increase of $5,000 (60 percent) over a four-year period, during a time period when inflation rose a total of 7 percent. So to Ted and Beth Gaines, and the other Republican politicians, thanks for nothing, again. You knew this would happen when you voted against a budget compromise, but you did it anyway. And I’m sure you will blame everyone but yourself for the fee increases and massive cuts to our education system. Jim Knox, Auburn