Ted Gaines has got backbone

Reader Input
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I did have a lot of respect for Roger Niello until last year when he joined the Democrats in passing an irresponsible budget. These are difficult times where we need leaders that have the fortitude to stand up against out-of-control spending and excessive taxing brought on by an incompetent legislature. Families and businesses are having to make painful adjustments to survive the dramatic downturn in the economy. Shouldn’t government entities be making the same level of sacrifices? It cannot be business as usual. We need a major change of direction or our future is likely to be extremely bleak. I know that Ted Gaines will not compromise his principles and support, as Roger Niello did, the reckless ways of this legislature. Ted has a track record of strong, conservative values. He has the backbone to be unwavering in his commitment to an accountable and responsible government where fiscal prudence is considered in every decision. Please join me in voting for Ted Gaines for Senate on Nov. 2. WAYNE NADER, Auburn