Ted Kennedy has no business being buried at Arlington

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I was completely and totally outraged last week when I heard on KAHI that Teddy Kennedy was to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery. The vast majority of the folks who were interned there were American soldiers and sailors who gave all defending our great nation. Teddy was never a hero, but nothing but an ultra-liberal socialist! As a U.S. Army veteran, it is my very strong opinion that this outrage is the highest insult toward all folks – living and dead – who ever wore a U.S. military uniform. I want to make it clear that two of the Kennedy brothers – Joe Jr. and John F – belong at Arlington. Joe Jr. was a fighter pilot of WWII who died during combat while John F. survived the war, he was a national hero of that era. Whoever authorized and arranged Teddy’s burial at Arlington needs to be sanctioned, badly. If the other ultra-liberal politicians in Congress successfully sway those who were against the so-called socialist economic “stimulus” package into voting for it just because Teddy died, that would be a huge atrocity unto itself. RED SKELTON, Newcastle