Ted Rohde turns 101

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Theodore Rohde was born March 1, 1911, in Mapleton, Iowa, a small town near Sioux City. When Rohde was in his early 20s, his family moved to California. He worked for the next several years at sawmills in the Quincy and Redding areas.

He was in the U.S. Army Air Corps for three years during World War II, serving most of his time in the Philippines. He had been trained to work with teletype machines, but spent most of his time repairing them and anything else that needed fixing. Rohde has the ability to repair almost anything mech-anical or electrical, and the Air Force kept him busy.

After the war, he became a civilian employee at McClellan Air Force Base, again working with teletype machines. He retired with 20 years of service.

The next years found Rohde enjoying life in Applegate, where he designed, built and lived in his “round” house, a very unique structure. His hobbies included collecting and restoring Studebaker automobiles and team bowling. It was during league bowling in 1987 that he met Susanne Murphy. They have traveled the world, from Alaska to Brazil and the Amazon River, to the Cari-bbean islands, Hawaii and many countries in Europe.

Today they live in Woodside Village in Auburn. They enjoy visits from family and friends and reliving their travels via films of their adventures.

Asked to what Rohde attributes his longevity, he replied, “The good genes I got from my parents and a life-long interest in maintaining good health.”