Teen dispatched possum swiftly

Reader Input
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This letter is in support of a fair and just hearing for Carter Livingston (“Attorney: Teen accused of hacking up possum not a threat,” Journal, Sept. 26). I know him fairly well and though I don’t condone what he did, I also know what a great person he is. I know a lot of teenagers and Carter is head and shoulders above most of them. I have never seen him get angry, disrespectful, or in any way not be a model citizen (this incident in exception). Nineteen years of good shouldn’t be ruined by a few minutes of stupidity. He didn’t go in search of an animal to kill. The animal invaded their home and property a number of times. He didn’t injure the animal and then sit and watch it suffer. He finished it off as quick as possible. The animal rights group, on the other hand, would like to see him suffer. He and his family have already suffered enough. I believe he will now be a strong advocate for treating animals humanely. I don’t know exactly what the animal involved had been doing except being a nuisance to them and also acting threatening to their 3-year-old and others in the family. Please don’t allow the overly angry and many times overly vocal animal rights group to destroy the good that Carter has been, is and will become. See them and then see him and his supporters. Thank you for reading this. Tery Thompson, Auburn