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Reader Input
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After viewing Andy Lukkonen’s “Visual Viewpoint” last Sunday, July 24, I was left saddened. Why? Because I could imagine the neither the (Journal) nor Andy Lukkonen printing something so blatantly biased and negative. A charter for the City of Auburn would allow the city more flexibility in many of its actions. Furthermore, it would keep the state of California from dictating to the city what it can and cannot do. By retaining the current structure of the City of Auburn, the citizens leave themselves open to a takeover by the state ... and we know how well the state runs itself. Folks, please check out the City of Auburn’s website and read the brief proposed charter for the City of Auburn. The City Council would appreciate hearing from you, the citizens of Auburn, as your input is greatly valued by your elected officials. Harriet White, retired Placer County District 3 supervisor