Ten things that bug me

Reader Input
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Like most Americans I have many what I consider very legitimate irritants or complaints. Listed are some of them. 1. Having to stand in line and listen to others’ utterly foul language. 2. Having to be deafened by cell phone users, (who by the way must have poor reception as they usually speak very loud). 3. Having to observe the butt cleavage of the lame youth fad dressers. Utterly disgusting. 4. Having the rude drivers rush to the stop sign or light knowing they will have to just stop anyway. What’s this? 5. Having to walk through clouds of smoke in front of stores as rude smokers just keep on puffing and blowing. 6. Reading the paper and having the article end in the middle of the issue or point. 7. Getting my bills in the mail and seeing all of the foreign languages printed on them. 8. Hearing on the phone “Press one for English.” What country are we in anyway? 9. Having to be in a crowd where there are several people speaking many different languages. 10. Seeing drivers constantly break the laws and never seeing anything done about it: i.e. examine all of those on Highway 49 speeding, no lights on, on the cell phone etc. Paul McDaniel, Auburn