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Terbolizard only candidate committed to Constitution

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I am a former Auburn resident and still registered voter in the 4th District who has been paying close attention to the current congressional race. After the 4th District has been let down by Doolittle for many years, it is time to elect someone who we can trust to represent our district. Out of the four Republican candidates for Congress, the only honest one worth voting for is Theodore Terbolizard. While the media focuses all their attention on McClintock and Ose debating pointless issues, Terbolizard is the only running candidate who truly stands for liberty and the Constitution. Terbolizard sincerely supports lowering taxes, securing our constitutional rights, ending the war in Iraq, and ending government corruption. I encourage all registered voters in the district to research Theodore Terbolizard and his campaign. His platform and views are located at Take a look, and you will probably like what you see. Vote for liberty and honesty. Elect Theodore Terbolizard for California’s 4th District congressional seat. Michael Hanson Reno