Term limits silence voices

Reader Input
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It is very evident that the “Rocky” Rockholm disciple clones on the city council, (Gina) Garbolino, (Jim) Gray, (Carol) Garcia and (John) Allard wish to place this term limit proposal (Journal, July 15) as drafted on the ballot to punish the only council members present and future (the Roccuccis) who continually dared vote against the council majority and their special interest proposals. If the City of Roseville had followed the lead of the dissenting votes a number of budgetary and other monetary problems could have been avoided. The need to satisfy developers and over-expand the city borders has trumped reason. Now the need to perpetuate Rockholm’s vision and legacy, which appears to be their mission, is once again rearing its ugly head as the council moves to curb its severest dissenting voice. Hopefully the voters in Roseville will see through this sham and vote against the proposal. Gene Martineau, Roseville