Thank heavens for single-payer

Reader Input
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I was recently admitted to Barton Memorial Hospital in Lake Tahoe on an emergency call. I had to call 911. Having Medicare (single payer) and supplemental insurance (which I pay), I am one of those many thousands (millions?) who has these health insurances to cover such an event, and one of those who has Social Security (single payer) that helps pay for these insurances. What did this brief stay (about four hours) cost? Including the ambulance ($1,334.00), the emergency doctor ($456) and the emergency department “visit” in the amount of $2,682, plus a few blood tests, the total amount was $5,701.43. Yikes! Thank God for single payer Medicare. My heart goes out to those 48 millions of people who do not have health insurance. I hope that the recent health care legislation will help us all. Millee Livingston, Auburn