Thank you for support

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As my heart mourns for the loss of my little Lucky Dog, Placer and Nevada counties have come forth with phone calls, condolence letters, cards, flowers and offers for support of all kind. From the bottom of my heart I thank you. Connie Higginbotham, Grass Valley, Rosemary Frieborn, Newcastle, Sally Palmer Dawley, Josh Morten, coach, Renee Ramirez, singer, Alvin Group, convenience clerk, Mary Henderson, Realtor, Susan Malone, John and Heidi Begley, and all my Senior Peer County Family, have the common sense to know that if you’re any place with your dog who is known to be dangerous or unpredictable, needs to be on not only a strong leash but wearing a muzzle, for the safety of yourself, friends and family. Linda Ngyen (Journal, Streetwise, June 15) I am sure your neighbors in Stockton would be very supportive of you putting your dog on a leash so they can feel safe to walk in their own neighborhoods. For all you caring people, who I have missed, please forgive me for not acknowledging you. One more way you can support me, caring people and anyone who is concerned for your safety and the safety of your neighborhood, please come to the County Administrative Center at 175 Fulweiler Ave. on Tuesday morning June 21 when the county supervisors are going to meet at 9 a.m. Please show your support while I make an impassioned plea for Placer County enforcing a very strong leash law that our Placer County Animal Control Officers are allowed to enforce to the full extent of the law. Delta Wilson-Ricky, Auburn