Thank you, voters; wake up!

Reader Input
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I want to thank all the people who supported and voted for me. I have met thousands of great people from our district. The ones that still have jobs work very hard for less. The ones that don’t are at a loss as to what to do. All agree that if we don’t improve our economy soon, the people will revolt. We have no jobs, real estate values are upside-down, food and gas prices are going up. State spending is out of control. This should have been a wake-up call to us all. Instead, people voted for Beth Gaines who has outspent everyone else, with the help of Ted Gaines and the political money and spin machine. Maybe the paper can tell us how much was spent and who gave the money. Publish the list, please. My voters want to know. Excluding myself, we had three other great choices. This proves once again that money buys votes. I encourage all of you out there to weigh in on this one. Write letters to the editor and let’s find what kind of representative we want. Maybe in the next election we can have their kids and pets run for office. Please don’t think that I’m a bad loser, but this is a serious job and we need people that are qualified, not related or entitled. I don’t have anyone in the runoff election that I can vote for. BO AMBROZEWICZ, Greenwood