Thankful for act of kindness

Reader Input
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I have lived in Rocklin for 42 years. Obviously I like it here! My affirmations of the people who live here were, once again, confirmed. On June 25, I pulled out of my garage with my cosmetic bag sitting on top of the trunk of my car. I didn’t miss it until that evening when I was having a “sleep-over” with my grandchildren and discovered the missing bag. As I mentally retraced my steps I realized where I had left it and that it had fallen off somewhere between the end of my street and the street I turned on. On Sunday, on my way back home I combed the area, but didn’t find the bag. Yesterday someone from the Rocklin Police Department called to say my bag had been dropped off there. So, there are two areas in which to be grateful — the Rocklin Police for making the effort to track me down and to the kind, considerate citizen(s) who took the time to take the bag to someone who could find the owner. Thank you. Carole Kane, Rocklin