Thanks to all who supported Measure A

Reader Input
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In this wonderful free country, we have the choice to either sit on the couch and whine or stand tall and try to improve things. I want to thank the members of the Auburn City Council for undertaking an 18-month in-depth study of how charter city status can strengthen Auburn for the challenging times ahead. They wanted to give Auburn some additional body armor as a bankrupt State of California accelerates its attack on well-run local governments. The city council had the courage to write the Auburn Charter and put Measure A on the ballot because they love our town and care about its future. Instead of whining about expensive mandates, they gave Auburn voters an option to reduce some of those state mandates. Even though Measure A was defeated, I look forward to working with the city council, Auburn residents and business owners to aggressively use the tools that we have to improve the quality of life in our small, historic town. There is much work to be done. I also want to thank the many community leaders in Auburn who supported Measure A by writing a letter to the editor, making a financial contribution, or putting up a sign. They Think Auburn First. Winston Churchill once said, ?Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.? Auburn has a great future because of the courage and dedication of its involved citizens. My wife Hattie and I are so grateful that we live in Auburn. Kevin Hanley, mayor of Auburn