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So many times people complain about our county and sometimes about the employees for one reason or another. But for the last couple of months we in Newcastle have had one-on-one contact with a number of them due to the problems we face with the new increase in our taxes. Measure B was passed by a two-thirds vote, a slim margin of 38 votes, on March 6, increasing our taxes 297 percent per parcel. Many parcel owners who own more than one parcel are trying to figure out how they will be charged. There are parcel owners who own three to seven parcels; they will be paying way over $1,000 per year for no additional fire protection. The increase will go toward a new fire station, more wages, etc. A thank you to Kathy Martinez, Jeanette Sanchez and Jayne Goulding, all from the office of auditor-controller of Placer County. The Placer County Elections office has also been busy answering questions looking up miscellaneous items for us. Thanks to Samuel Kipp and Steve, and for the two hours Kristina Berry from Placer local (LAFCO) spent with me. Thanks to you all. SUSIE BROWN, Auburn