Thanks for purse return

Reader Input
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Good old Loomis is such a good place to live and has so many good folks. Raley’s is one of a lot of good places in Loomis and last week I was getting food with my husband, Lenard, when I realized I didn’t have my purse. I had thought that I must have left it in our pickup truck, took a key and went out to see. Wow! It was not there and I went straight inside the store and asked a Raley’s manager, who walked into his office and brought it right out. Everything was there. What a wonder. I would really like to say thanks to the woman that knew what to do for me. The purse – it is a good size – had a lot of stuff in it. I’m 80 years old and never did anything like that before. So, let me thank you again. Helen Florance, Loomis