There’s something fishy in teen daughter’s police stop

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In these troubled times, are our municipalities generating revenue dishonestly? We shall see over the next several months. For instance, my daughter received a ticket on May 12 for not having a seat belt on and for having a tail light out. But she had to remove her seat belt in order to roll down the window to talk to the officer who stopped her. She told that to the officer; he told her that she must have had the strap behind her back, indicating he was not sure whether he saw her with or without a seat belt, but wrote her a ticket just the same. So beware, do not remove your seat belt until the officer confirms he has seen you with it on. An expensive price for trying to be polite to our law enforcement. After she called me, she went to our mechanic who checked her tail light and found it working quite nicely. My daughter, age 17, now has to go to court and hopefully prevail. I did go to the Auburn P.D. to report this problem, but the officer is saying he is sure. I have collected two witnesses who saw my daughter get into her car and put her seat belt on, as she always does, and I have a mechanic who will testify that her tail light was working minutes after being pulled over. Yet, if we do not prevail before the judge, my daughter’s insurance will go through the roof for bogus and false charges. Note: My daughter has never had a ticket or been pulled over for any reason since she’s had her license. I wonder why this happened? I wonder if this is happening to other residents who drive in the town of Auburn? Maybe it is just a way to make more money. Law enforcement personnel wonder why citizens lose respect for peace officers who are not here to keep the peace, but raise money for their cities. That’s the only rational explanation I can come up with. I wonder if others have had this experience with the Auburn Police Department? Karen Stillian Foresthill