There’s value in giving pennies

Reader Input
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Regarding the controversy at the Colfax post office and the “bell ringers” of the Salvation Army (Journal, Dec. 4): We have lived in Colfax for 30 years and the different charities have been an integral part of our foothill community, and have always had their place at the front doors of the post office. Recently, they had been ejected from their usual spot to the sidewalk and curb. In a recent discussion with the newly appointed postmistress, I was told there is a law that these charity groups are not allowed to “solicit on government property.” I would like to point out that “we” are the government and that these charities are also recognized by the government and even the IRS allows your contributions to these groups as tax deductions. How much more government can you get than that? If that law were there 30 years ago, then it must have been considered a very important issue by other postmasters. I am not certain what point this new postmistress is trying to provide; how foolish a picture she is painting. This is an education for our youngsters so that they will be able to better understand the value and importance of giving – even a few pennies into the little red kettle called community. Carolyn Carter-Aronsen, Colfax