There are better places for big box

Reader Input
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In response to Cathy Sandy and Dee Williams who wrote letters on the big box stores on March 10, I really agree with both of them. I would be delighted to not have to go down to the big boxes in Roseville because of all the traffic and cars that you have to deal with to get there. I love having our own Home Depot for the same reason. However, just thinking of that mess here on Highway 49, and what kind of traffic that these stores will create, seems like it would be crazy for the county to even contemplate putting a store there at Luther (Road) and Canal (Street). I live off Luther, as do many others, and even now getting out to 49 is busy on Luther. I do disagree with Dee Williams though, when she says that it will be the same amount of traffic coming down 49 as these people are driving to the big boxes in Roseville. But what about all those who will come up from South Auburn, or from Meadow Vista, Colfax, Weimar and so forth? I support Placer County’s need to bring in revenue, but please find another location. How about the airport area, or out by the Home Depot? Seems like there would be plenty of places that wouldn’t cause as much congestion and environmental impact for residential neighborhoods. Connie S. Rodriguez, Auburn