There is at least one angel in Auburn

Reader Input
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I could easily spend 1,000 words or more to describe a kindness that happened to me, but I will go for the 200 limit and see if I can do it! Here’s what happened. Last week I went to get my prescriptions filled at a pharmacy in Auburn. A man stood behind me. I am a senior citizen. It was my turn, and I went to the pharmacist who sent me to the other end of the counter to a very nice lady who tried in vain to pull up my insurance, finally did, only to find it had been canceled. I moved here from another county and in the process of the “transfer,” my pharmacy plan was canceled. It was a horrible moment for me, as I survive on my medications. We tried and we tried, but nope, the insurance just kept coming up canceled. The gentleman named John stepped up to the pharmacy and said that he would pay the difference, as I only had a small amount of money. I kindly said, “Oh no, that’s all right,” yet he insisted to my shock at such an act of kindness and to my relief, as well. I could not thank him enough, but he humbly said that he was able to help and he even insisted that I keep the change! Now, I don’t cry much, but I went out of that pharmacy crying not only that I was able to get my medications, but that the act of kindness of this gentleman made me believe in angels and incredible blessings again. In a world where you can’t be sure of anything, this “miracle” made me very sure that in this sometimes insecure and scary world, there are people out there who care about the welfare of citizens who might be living on a “shoe-string” and I thank you, John, for your kindness 1,000 times over. God bless you. CHRISTINA SOTELO, Applegate