These athletes are world-class

Reader Input
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I want to say thank you for the article you did on Michael O’Rourke (Journal, Feb. 2). He certainly deserves some recognition in our community. He and his wife, Suzanne, own ProActive Personal Training and Fitness. Suzanne is also my personal trainer, as is Michael when he has time in his busy schedule. I credit them with getting me in shape for the biggest surgery I have ever had in my life: a total hip-replacement. My doctor, the nurses and my physical therapist were all astounded at the speed of my recovery. I credit Suz and Michael with that amazing recovery. Suzanne has actually made me enjoy working out for the first time in my life, which is quite an accomplishment for me at the age of 60. That article was very well-written and interesting. We are so fortunate to have this world-class athlete in our community, as well as a world-class personal training business such as ProActive. After all, we are the Endurance Capital of the World! Cheryl Maki, Auburn