These forgotten soldiers weren’t

Reader Input
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The Healing Light Institute would like to express our appreciation and gratitude for The Auburn Journal’s coverage of The Forgotten Soldier Program held on April 2, 2011 at the Veterans’ Memorial Hall. Your article afforded us the opportunity to make our presence known to a greater segment of our population and, in turn, offer help to those unaware of our services. Our event was made possible by the generosity of Court Bradbury, American Legion Post 84, who donated the use of the Veterans’ Memorial Hall, as well as Casey Conway of the 49er Lions Club who made available the manpower to serve the lunch provided for those in attendance. Also our friends from the 49er Lions Club who provided the manpower for meals for those who were not able to attend our event. It is through the generosity of all involved that our event was a success. We sincerely appreciate your involvement in the furtherance of The Forgotten Soldier Program. DONNA ARZ, Auburn, The Forgotten Soldier Program; The Healing Light Institute, Auburn Journal,