They’re more than football coaches

Reader Input
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I think we all enjoy the football games and the spirit in which that time of season brings to us and our kids. There’s no question it’s fun, healthy and exciting for everyone. But there is so much more going on behind the sport and games. The coaches Joey Montoya, Eric Rodarte and James Rodarte, for example, along with the men and women who surround the kids, are more then just teaching them sports. They are teaching them to be good men. The coaches directly involved with Placer’s sports are providing a strong message of responsibility and sacrifice by example. They are teaching these kids life skills where sometimes the education system in classes cannot. As any single parent knows, it’s impossible to completely fill an absent parent’s shoes. These men contributing so much of their time to our kids have also been the positive male role models and healthy influence some of our kids needed in life. I can’t say enough about their contribution to my son and these kids and I am convinced these coaches will be a big part of why these kids are successful in the future. Thank you for that. Just another Mom. Francisca Suverkropp, Auburn