They share an artistic vision

Applegate couple’s work will be part of fall studio tour
By: Andrew DiLuccia, Foothills Magazine
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Candice Bohannon and Julio Reyes traveled to the Laguna College of Art and Design in Southern California to hone their artistic talents — then they discovered each other. Now, the married couple are each other’s biggest inspirations as they find their way into one another’s art, be it in portraits, sculpting or drawing. The two’s artwork have similarities in texture and style and they enjoy sharing their passion for their craft with each other. Now the two, after returning to Placer County, will open their home and studios to share with the rest of the world. The 15th annual Autumn Art Studios Tour in Placer County will feature Bohannon and Reyes for the first time, along with nearly 100 other artists’ studios in the region. “We’re really excited about it,” said Bohannon, a class of 2000 Colfax High School graduate and current Applegate resident. “I’m excited to invite people into our home and studios. We enjoy talking about what we do, we’ve never had a space where we could invite clients into our home.” Bohannon and Reyes, both 26 years old, are classically trained artists who graduated from the Laguna College of Art and Design. Bohannon and Reyes earned bachelor’s degrees of fine art in painting and drawing with a minor in sculpture. The two professional artists focus on everything from oil paintings to sculptures, watercolors and graphite drawings. While it takes time for the artists to master so many disciplines, Reyes and Bohannon feel that each medium can offer an aspect that another simply cannot, depending on the piece. “The texture of the (artistic) experience will dictate the medium I will use,” said Reyes, who was born in Hollywood and met Bohannon while at Laguna College of Art and Design. While the couple’s artistic careers are just beginning, they have found early success. Bohannon has earned awards for artistic excellence from the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento and the Laguna College of Art and Design. She’s also been a prizewinner in the landscape competition of International Artist magazine. Her work was featured by Coast Magazine and she was also juried into membership with the California Art Club. Reyes has been recognized by the Peter Plotkin Foundation and was awarded the “Best of Sculpture” honor for a juried exhibition at the Laguna College of Art and Design and is a member of the California Art Club. Recently, the two picked up a pair of awards locally as Bohannon took first and Reyes second at the Placer Arts 25th anniversary jury show. The duo earned the honors against a field of a 115 submitted entries, of which 73 were judged. “I‘m excited to have some fresh faces in the community of that younger generation. To get two graduates from art school up in Placer County is a real first,” said Shawn Baldwin, program specialist with Placer Arts. “It’s not often you get art school graduates moving up to the foothills of Placer County.” Bohannon and Reyes will be just a sampling of the 86 artists who will open up their studios to the public Nov. 7-9 for the 15th annual Autumn Art Studios Tour. For $10, patrons can see artists’ studios from the Roseville/Lincoln area all the way to Colfax, Foresthill and many points in between. As there are many different artists to see at this season’s studio tour, Rosie Stilwell, coordinator for the event, is still excited to have Reyes and Bohannon on the tour for the first time. “I just love their work. To me it is such high, professional type of work,” Stilwell said. “To think we have these young artists in Placer County doing work of that quality says something for Placer County artists in general. We do have many real fine artists in the county.” Reyes and his wife moved back to the area in January and into the home Bohannon grew up in. Since then, they’ve been busy working on their craft and getting used to their surroundings. And they’ve let their surroundings affect their art as the two have expanded to include equine artwork into their repertoire of paintings, drawings and sculptures. “We get inspired by where we move,” Bohannon said. ---------- Learn more about the artists Visit Candice Bohannon’s Web site at and Julio Reyes’ at For more information about the 15th annual Autumn Art Studios Tour, visit or call (530) 885-5670, ext. 119.