Thief can steal statue, not faith

Reader Input
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Thank you for the great USA WEEKEND magazine with God on the cover, a great proclamation. Though all agree there is a God, we don’t all agree who he is. Thanks for the article. I like the front page with God on it and hung it on my calendar. We are sorry that evil is ever-present in our world and in our area. When the person stole Jesus from the yard of bail bondsman Frank Calabretta, he not only stole from him but from our whole community.  We empathize with you, Mr. Calabretta, and we all miss the beautiful display held every previous year in your front yard for all to see. May the thief who stole Jesus always remember he didn’t steal him from our hearts and that is the important thing. However there is still hope for us. My neighbors, Elmer and Mary Ann Frank, still put up their manger scene most every year. You can see it at 3411 Sunshine Way, in North Auburn. Though simple compared to Calabretta’s, all the elements are there: Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the manger. We thank Mary Ann and Elmer for this reminder of Christmas, (written with their permission). Clariss Smith, Auburn