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Thieves: Pick up the boxes that go with decorations

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Well, another wonderful Halloween spoiled by a few bad apples. I had 212 trick or treaters that were all lovely children. The bell ringing ended around 8:30 when it started to drizzle. I turned out my lights. At 11:30 on Saturday morning, I happened to look out my front window and, lo and behold, all the decorations on my lawn were gone. The decorations consisted of two large blowups, one of ghosts and one of a witch, and a little homemade painted pirate pumpkin. Whoever you are, why don’t you call me? We’ll set up an appointment and I’ll give you the boxes to store my blowups in for next year, and give you the pirate’s sword that you left stuck in the ground. Shame on you, whoever you are! You’ve spoiled it for so many good kids. Donna Speed Auburn