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I would like to respond to Mark Jensen’s comment that I am uninformed (“Blame the Grand Old Party,” Reader Input, Aug. 21).
That is most certainly not the case. I am well-read concerning all things political. You are the uninformed one, sir.
Obama’s administration had two whole years of a solid majority rule. What did he accomplish in those two years? Obamacare and the totally wasteful stimulus.
Billions of our tax dollars funneled to his donors for “investment” in companies like Solyndra. Does the idea of throwing millions away in a failed company just because it calls itself “green” make you feel warm and fuzzy all over?
The idea that the tea party (or Republicans) don’t want a clean environment is ridiculous. The difference is that we in the tea party prefer to let private industry pick the winners and losers, not the president (whose record picking winners hasn’t panned out very well) who attempts this with taxpayer money and with absolutely no experience in the business world.
Obama’s only experience was as a “community organizer,” just like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. No experience in the private sector.
As for your asking that we not blame Obama for the mess this country is in, that’s preposterous! The man has been in office for four years. Just when will the blamer-in-chief take responsibility for his horrible “accomplishments?”
Please remember that it is Obama that has increased our debt to $16 trillion. How do you think your grandchildren will pay for that?
Donna McCloskey, Auburn