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In response to Journal website postings concerning my letter of November 19 about Mr. Obama’s supposedly unprecedented complaining about his inheritance: Nobody (!) got my limited point, which was that FDR complained ad nauseaum about Herbert Hoover, his predecessor. Mr. Nightingale didn’t know that. A perceptive reader would also have picked up my view that Mr. Hoover was much wronged by FDR. That is definitely not your garden-variety "liberal" view. Second, I wrote NOTHING in support of Mr. Obama’s plans or policies, nor indicated that I voted for him, because I did not. My comment was about his admirable self-restraint, which is a trait of character. It is our right as Americans to speak out about policies we do not favor, but it says more about these responders than it does about Mr. Obama that they choose not to or cannot differentiate between an exhibited character trait and the politics of the man. Since, yes, I have read both Mr. Obama’s books, I have some inkling about why he’s self-restrained. What is amazing is that he continues not to stoop to the level of the vituperation hurled his way. I urge these responders to read letters to the editor more carefully and respond with comments that bear some relationship to the letters to which they respond! Jennifer Owens, Auburn