Think low cost for wastewater

Reader Input
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Re: Regional sewer: This project is being driven by politics, special interests and the fear of regulations. The needs of Lincoln cannot be a contributing factor in the decision-making. Plans made 10 years ago were based on projections of growth that don’t apply today. The millions of dollars Lincoln is in debt should not be paid for by Auburn and North Auburn ratepayers. The rates of Lincoln seem artificially low. Why? Ask your elected officials. Those who believe the regional option is the best way to go, please quit drinking the Kool-Aid and open your eyes. There is a third option on the table that would be the least expensive way to go. It was presented at the supervisors’ meeting a couple of months ago and seemed like a good alternative. Please be objective enough to at least entertain that as an option. Some would have us believe that transferring money from the Middle Fork Project would help keep the cost low. Use the funds from this project to fund the least expensive option, not the most expensive option; maybe our rates could go down. What a concept. If it is so easy to transfer funds from one department to the next, then give the money to schools, parks and recreation, police, fire, or any service that has been cut over the last couple of years. We’re afraid to death of the regulators. Unfortunately, our elected officials have yet to grow a backbone, but I have faith. Some day we will look the regulators in the eye and tell them we’ve had enough. When the costs of environmental purity cause us to go bankrupt then we will have to make changes in the regulatory world. Keep the costs as low as possible with satisfactory results. RAY S. THOMPSON III, Auburn